Acceptable Use of Personal Technology at JTT

We know that there are benefits and drawbacks to our connection to technology. Technology connects us with people around the world; it supports collaborative problem solving; it helps us to see the effects of our actions a world away; and it helps us to learn from each other.  On the other hand, many studies show that it is addictive; it can create barriers between people as we reduce actual face time; and it makes it easy for us to say hurtful, thoughtless, or in-the-moment things that we instantly regret...but can’t take back.  If you can, take a moment to look at the following video to gain some insight into what is happening to people when they are constantly connected to their devices. 

After careful consideration, we do not believe that banning cellphones completely for all students is the path to appropriate use for our students.  Instead, education about digital citizenship and personal awareness is what will help us make better and healthier use of our technology. This education begins with our Health Curriculum as early as Grade 4 and each subsequent year as well as conversations in our classrooms every day. To this end, we have created very clear expectations about the use of personal devices here at John T Tuck for students, educators, and parents so our students can focus on their academic growth.

Acceptable Use Guidelines for Personal Technology at JTT  - Grades K-5

Should you feel that your child requires a personal device for the way to and from school, these devices should remain in a student’s backpack throughout the day. With the high level of access to technology for our primary and early junior students, and the early stages of their digital literacy, students in these grades do not need personal devices for any academic reason.  If there are special circumstances for your child, we require you to have that conversation with your child’s classroom teacher.

Acceptable Use Guidelines for Personal Technology at JTT  - Grades 6-8

Students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 are not required to bring a personal device to school. However, they may bring devices to school under the following circumstances:

Parent Support

Parents, you can help us by supporting and modelling appropriate use of technology in order to encourage your child to focus on academics in school. Parents are requested to:


At John T Tuck we follow a progressive discipline model which encourages teaching and learning as the basis for changing behaviour.  However, if students continue to make inappropriate use of their devices despite clear expectations being outlined, consequences could include:

General Policy About Technology Use For All Students

Outside of the use of personal devices (such as phones), every student at John T Tuck will have contact with and use of instructional technology devices such as chromebooks, desktops, laptops, iPads, etc.  From the moment they enter our school, we will be building their digital citizenship skills. If we work together to be on the same page, we can raise technologically smart children who can interact successfully on the global stage.  In order for that to happen, teachers, administrators, and parents need to be involved in and responsible for helping our students to understand and be aware of the challenges of working with technology. To that end, all of us together will teach students to:

Want to know more?  Check out our school board’s site - Technology and You.

Thank you for your support in creating our expectations around technology, and we look forward to working with you in creating responsible digital citizens at our school.