JTT Kindergarten Orientation

Welcome to Kindergarten in the HDSB!

We are so excited to introduce you and your child to Kindergarten!

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COVID-19 Kindergarten Program Considerations

The Kindergarten program will continue to be play and inquiry based. Health and safety protocols will be followed so it will look different than in typical times. Kindergarten educators will use small groupings, outdoor space, individual materials and enhanced cleaning protocols to provide an inquiry and play based program that is as much like it would be in a typical year to the extent possible.

Educators will use the outdoor space for learning to allow for greater physical distancing. Students will be placed in small groups weekly and they will sit at table groups and access centres with the other students in this group or “bubble”.

Many learning materials will be organized in separate containers for individual children. Individual sensory materials will be used. There will not be communal sand and water tables. Classroom cleaning protocols will be in place for any shared materials. Plush items will not be used. Student cubbies will be accessed in small groups.

Entry procedures for Kindergarten students will be communicated to families by their individual schools and will include information about entry doors, timing of entry, meeting educators and other site specific information.

School teams will use the information that we have provided based on direction from the Ministry of Education and Public Health to develop school based protocols.

We look forward to meeting you and your child in September 2020!