JTT Routines

3365 Spruce Avenue Burlington ON L7N 1J7905-637-3881
Principal: Mr. G. Donaldson Vice Principal: Mrs. A. DeRidder
Student Attendance : 1-877-409-6310 or go.schoolmessenger.ca
Website: http://jtt.hdsb.ca

Everything you need to know about JTT!

Below is an alphabetical list of some reminders for parents and students about the routines here at John T. Tuck:


Supervision of the school playground begins at 9:05 a.m. Parents should be aware that students arriving before this time cannot be assured of the safety that such supervision provides. Please encourage your children to arrive before 9:15 a.m. Due to COVID protocols, Grade 1 to 8 students will be asked to enter the building as soon as they arrive at school (after 9:05am) and supervision will happen indoors. Students will proceed to their classrooms when they arrive. The Playground Equipment is closed as we do not have the ability to sanitize it regularly so we ask that you do not allow your children on the playground equipment before (or after) school.

If you are late, please sign in at the office. Students are deemed late if they do not make it to class before the playing of O’Canada at 9:20 a.m. Otherwise, students are not to use the front door as entry so that our staff can monitor those coming in and out of our building.

At no time should parents be inside the school on arrival or dismissal as we are having no visitors in the school at any time due to our COVID protocols.

Plans for Entry - Grade 7 -8 and 4-1/4-2 will enter through Door #7. Those who are upstairs will need to walk down the hall before going up the middle stairwell to their classrooms.  Grades 5-6 and 34-1 will enter through Door #6. Grades 6 will go up the middle stairwell to their classrooms, and 34-1 and 6-4 will proceed past the bathrooms, to their classroom.  Grades 1-3 will enter through Door #2 and walk down the FDK hall to the front stairwell to head up to class (105 directly to class). FDK 1 will collect their students in the West Pen (new pen) and enter at Door #2. FDK 2 will collect their students in the East Pen (old pen) and enter at Door #2. FDK 3 will collect their students at Door#3.

Plans for Exit - Rooms 211-219 will exit door #7 using the back stairwell.  Rooms 101, 115-124,  will exit through door #6. Rooms 105, 201-207 will exit via Door #2, using the side stairwell. FDK 1 will exit Door #2 and hand off parents in the West Pen (new Pen) their students in the East Pen (old pen) and enter at Door #2. FDK 2 will exit door #4 and hand off to parents in the East Pen (new pen. FDK 3 will hand off to parents at Door#3. Parents, please plan to meet your children off property.  For our primary students requiring pick up, please choose a meeting spot on the grass area away from others, rather than the blacktop as it will be crowded with students as they exit. 


We will not gather as a school due to COVID protocols, however, we will still have school-wide messaging through our announcements and Google meets.


Bicycle, scooter, and skateboard racks and storage are provided at the school for those who choose to ride to school. All bicycles, scooters, and skateboards must be placed in the racks or storage unit and must be locked. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to ride bicycles, skateboards, long-boards or scooters on school grounds and should never be inside the school. Bicycle helmets are now required by law and should be worn at all times. The school cannot accept responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen transport. For safety and storage reasons, students should not use rollerblades or hoverboards to get to and from school. Students should use hand sanitizer when entering the building after locking up their mode of transportation, without touching their face in between.


For information on Bullying Prevention and Intervention, please visit the HDSB Website.

Rough Play vs. Conflict vs. Bullying: Interactions between students are often difficult to classify. The following chart provides an assessment tool to help schools with positive interventions and supports. Even where conduct is not necessarily bullying, staff should consider what appropriate responses may be used to support students and to encourage positive student behaviour. Staff are reminded that, in resolving issues in a healthy manner, students often need adult assistance to resolve rough play or conflict situations. Rough play or conflicts resolved in a timely and healthy manner is much less likely to result in bullying.


We have several students who ride the bus to and from school. To log into your account for delays and cancellations, or your bus route, please go to https://geoquery.haltonbus.ca/. Please be reminded that riding the bus is a privilege, and students who do not follow the expectations on the bus will not be allowed to ride. Students are only permitted to ride the bus for which they are registered to ride. Students may not board other buses for any reason.

Bus Reminders:

  • Do not throw anything in or out of the bus.

  • Remain seated and facing forward, in your assigned seat

  • Use polite language and show respect for the bus driver, teacher supervisors and peers.

  • Ask your parent(s) to send a note to the teacher if there is a change in routine.

Bus companies will implement a daily self-assessment of bus drivers prior to each day/shift and to remain home/seek a COVID test if symptomatic.

To the extent that physical distancing may not be possible, the use of non-medical masks for students in Grades 1 to 8 will be required on school vehicles. Students in Kindergarten will be encouraged but not required to wear masks on student transportation. Exceptions provided to students unable to wear a mask in school will apply to transportation.

Students should be assigned seats and a record of the seating plan should be kept to assist with contact tracing in the case of a student or driver contracting COVID-19. To the extent possible, windows should be opened for natural ventilation.

Bus Cleaning

  • Drivers will spray and wipe handrails and front seat pillars after each run

  • Drivers or operators will disinfect each bus nightly with spray sanitizer

  • Heightened cleaning prior to the afternoon run will be required if the school informs HSTS that a morning rider developed COVID-like symptoms while at school


If your child exhibits symptoms and/or does not pass the self-assessment, they must:

  • Remain at home

  • Report the absence with the reason “illness / COVID related” via SchoolMessenger or calling the school

  • Seek a COVID-19 test and follow the orders of Public Health; OR

  • In the absence of a COVID-19 test, self-isolate for 14 days and be symptom-free for 24 hours prior to returning to school

  • Alternatively, the parent/guardian may seek documentation from the primary health care provider that confirms the illness is not COVID-19 and the student may return to school when symptom-free

Close contacts living in the same home (e.g, siblings) of the ill child must:

  • Remain at home, even if they are in another school

  • Wait for the results of the COVID-19 test for the ill child and follow the orders of Public Health; OR

  • In the absence of a COVID-19 test for the ill child, self-isolate for 14 days even if symptom-free or, if symptoms develop, 14 days from the onset of symptoms and 24 hours symptom-free prior to returning to school

  • Alternatively, if documentation from a primary care provider confirms the illness is not COVID-19, close contacts may return to school

If your child exhibits symptoms while at school, we will notify the parent that the student is waiting in the Isolation Room and needs to be picked up immediately. Close contacts living in the same home as the ill child (e.g., siblings) must also be picked up for monitoring of symptoms.

  • Public health officials will determine any additional steps required, including but not limited to the declaration of an outbreak and closure of classes and/or schools. We will communicate with the school community consistent with ministry guidance and relevant privacy legislation. Public Health will track confirmed COVID-19 cases throughout the region and conduct thorough contact tracing for all confirmed cases and the school/board will be contacted by Public Health in the event of contact tracing related to a confirmed COVID-19 case in the school


In an effort to maintain a high level of cleanliness in the school, we are asking all students to keep a pair of INDOOR SHOES at school throughout the year. We highly recommend Velcro for the younger children. Student dress is required to be appropriate for a learning environment and should not be a distraction for students. Clothing is required to be safe, comfortable, neat, clean and respectful. The footwear must be appropriate for a safe and active day.

Below is a list of look-fors to help you when choosing your clothing for school:

  • No profanity on clothing including shirts and hats.

  • No suggestive cartoons or drawings on clothing.

  • No slogans promoting the use of drugs or alcohol on clothing.

  • No derogatory, gender biased or racist comments on clothing.


Students are dismissed at 3:40 p.m. Students are expected to leave school property promptly after the dismissal bell via the back blacktop, or in the bus lines and are asked to avoid travelling through the turnaround or parking lot. For the safety of all children and protection against unknown adults in the building, we ask parents not to wait in the halls or outside their child’s classroom. Students waiting in a bus line should be wearing their mask, or remain physically distant from other students (2m apart).


While we are asking that adults remain off property, if possible, during pick up and drop off, we do recognize that many parents find the walk to and from school to be a good time to also walk the family dog. If this is the case, please keep your dog on the grass areas and do not bring the dog onto the blacktop, as some students are allergic and/or fearful. It is also difficult to predict a dog’s behaviour when confronted with a large group of excited children. As students will be entering the school when they arrive, there is no need to remain on the property with your pet.


All drinking fountain faucets will be disabled. Students are able to bring in a refillable water container, with a lid and their name on it. Water bottle filling fixtures will remain and will be flushed daily as per Regulation 243/07. Sinks that are designated for hand-washing only will remain as hand washing only fixtures and sign-posted accordingly.


Students in Grades 1 - 8 are required to wear non-medical or cloth masks indoors in school, including in hallways and during classes. Students must also wear a mask during Outdoor times at Nutrition break, unless sitting down and more than 2m apart from others. Outdoor learning during instructional time can be used as opportunities to provide students with breaks from wearing masks within their cohorts, while physically distant. The use of non-medical/cloth masks or face coverings for students in Kindergarten are strongly encouraged but required.

Students may be granted an exemption from wearing a non-medical mask for reasons related to a medical condition, mental health, sensory, breathing difficulties or other reasons deemed reasonable by the Principal. School-aged children and youth who are not able to remove their non-medical mask without assistance should not wear a non-medical mask due to safety concerns. The Student Mask Exemption Form must be completed by the parent/guardian and the Principal. A medical note may be requested by the Principal if the condition is not known to the school or if it is not known why the condition prohibits the student from tolerating a mask.


In-School Virtual Field Trips may be considered, however, the following are paused until safe to do so:

  • Day Field Trips requiring students to leave the school

  • Day Field Trips that include inter-school competitions/activities/athletics

Walking Outdoor Experiential learning opportunities that leave school property (e.g., activities in the local community, parks and trails) while maintaining cohorting, safety and social distancing may continue. No new excursions such as overnight trips will not be approved until further notice.


Fire Drills will be held at regular intervals during the year. A continuous ringing of the fire bell will be a signal for fire drill. All staff, students, volunteers and visitors, must leave the school during fire drills. Students and staff will have warning for some drills, while others may be surprise drills. Teachers will share fire drill procedures with their students so everyone is aware of how to exit the building safely. Students will be asked to keep their mask on during a fire drill, even when outside. There will also be two lockdown drills per year, during which students must listen to and comply with all staff directions.


Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at all school designated entrances for student and staff use as they enter and exit the building. All classrooms/portables without a sink will have hand sanitizer supplied. Regular hand hygiene breaks will occur throughout the day for students (e.g., regular time intervals throughout day, before/after eating food, after using washroom, before/after outdoor play). We ask that all parents partner in promotion of hand hygiene practices with your child(ren) outside of school


Parents are to provide the school with the name and phone number of a person to call in case of an emergency when a parent cannot be reached. If the emergency contact person should change, please inform the office immediately. Even though safety on school property is always a prime concern, accidents can happen. Most injuries are minor and can be attended to at school. However, if an accident should occur that requires medical attention, school procedures are as follows:

  1. A parent is contacted.

  2. If a parent is unavailable, the emergency contact person you have named will be notified.

  3. If a student cannot be picked up, the school will follow through to see that proper attention is available.

  4. An ill or injured student will not be permitted to leave the school without adult supervision.

If a student becomes ill during school hours and contact cannot be made with a parent or the emergency number, the student will be made as comfortable as possible in the school until a parent can be reached. If your child feels unwell before coming to school, staying at home for the day can speed recovery and prevent spreading the “bug”.


Please label your clothes and lunch bags so that they may be returned to you. Expensive or important items should not be brought to school, as the possibility of theft or damage exists. There will be no lost & found this year, as we can not have multiple touch points.


Students eat in their classroom at their desks, sitting down in their own chair. Classes are supervised by a combination of paid lunch supervisors and teachers. The two nutrition breaks are from 11:00 to 11:40 (Lunch) and from 1:20 to 2:00 (Break). Students must eat in their own classroom and food will not be permitted outside. They are expected to eat quietly and cooperate fully with fellow students and teacher supervisors. Students are asked to "boomerang" the contents of their lunch so that there is no need to get up from their own desk to throw things in the garbage or compost.

Permission will be granted to those students whose parents have completed the "Permission to go home for Lunch" form, which is sent home at the beginning of the year (additional forms can be picked up at the office). These students will sign out and in at the office on the days they go home. Students are not permitted to leave the school to go anywhere but their own home unless they are accompanied by their parent who signs them out at the office. Students are also not permitted to go to a friend’s house for lunch, or the plaza. It is expected that students go to their own home, or stay at school. No students are allowed to leave school at second break, unless his/her parent comes to the office to sign him/her out. Thank you for helping us to keep our students safe, and appropriately supervised. Please be reminded that our lunch break is only 40 minutes this year, and if a student wishes to go home, they need to be back on time.

Allergy Alert:

As we have many students with life threatening allergies to peanuts/nuts and nut products, these should not come to school as part of a student’s lunch.

We expect students to eat at school in the same manner as they would be expected to eat at home. Please remind your son/daughter that they should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. We hope that all students will adhere to lunchroom rules so that they do not lose their lunchroom privileges. Repeated problems will result in alternate lunch provisions for a period of time specified by the Principal and/or Teacher. Students are required to clean their own eating area prior to dismissal (e.g., put away garbage, push in chairs, recycle cans).


Accessible parking is available at the front of John T. Tuck’s middle entrance. Permits are required to use this spot. Our parking lot is reserved for staff and for essential visitors to our school who will be staying at the school for some time. We will not be accepting parent volunteers or other visitors to the school this year. Please arrange drop off/pick up with your child either on a side street adjacent to the school, or encourage walking to/from school and using the school bus if eligible. Our students can enter and exit our school grounds through the east side of the school only. We ask that our walking parents and students do not cross through our parking lot and turnaround area before or after school and exit from the east side of the school.


Grades 1-8 students will not have lockers or hooks in classrooms for items more than coats or boots, therefore we ask that you send your child(ren) with a minimal amount of items to and from school each day. They will be asked to keep their backpack under their chair at all times. FDK students will have access to the cubby area in small groups of 4-5 students within their classroom small group "bubble". Due to these storage issues, students will not be required to have indoor and outdoor shoes at this time. Once the weather changes, we will review this policy.


Students are not required to bring personal devices to school, however, in order to attempt to have a 1:1 ratio of devices across the school and eliminate sharing of technology, students may bring a laptop or Chromebook to school (Grades 4-8) for use in class. A phone, tablet or iPad would not suffice for school work. We do have about 300 Chromebooks to assign to students, and if sharing is required we will sanitize each machine between uses.

Students may not use their devices at break time or the hallways. Please keep in mind that the school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged technology.


Students will not have access to change rooms at school, and Phys Ed Classes will be held outdoors. All students must arrive dressed appropriately to allow full participation in physical education and DPA activities. For safety, running shoes must be worn (lace-up, velcro or tie-up). No slip-ons, open backs or loafer style shoes are allowed on Phys Ed days. Appropriate gym attire must be worn while participating in Physical Education. This may vary with the grade level and activity. Students in Grade 6-8 should use roll-on deodorant before and after class. Spray on deodorants, perfumes or colognes are not permitted at school.

Parents must review and sign-off on a ‘Permission to Participate’ form as part of the Forms Package in September. If a student has been excluded from full participation in physical education classes due to medical issues (e.g., concussion, broken bones, etc), a ‘Permission to Resume Participation’ form must be obtained from our office and signed by the referring doctor.


During all outside break times, we would expect our older students to act as role models for our younger students. Whenever students are deciding what to do during recess, it must be safe, and it must be respectful. If behaviour is not safe or respectful, then you will be asked to stop the activity, and possibly encounter some form of consequence for your actions. If students are having a problem at recess, they are always reminded to see an adult in the orange vest for assistance.

The climber equipment is closed to all students. Students will not be allowed sports equipment on the playground due to the requirement of regularly cleaning equipment and we will endeavor to teach our students games that require no equipment.

Students are encouraged to have a plan for recess about what activities they will engage in, and they are reminded to never throw snow or other harmful objects (e.g., sticks, stones). Students must ask permission to re-enter the school during recess to go to the bathroom, but they are encouraged to go on the way outside. To help keep the playground clean, and the bees away, food and/or drinks are not permitted on the playground.


Learning to plan ahead is a valuable skill to acquire. Students should keep families informed ahead of time of special events at the school, or plans after school. The phone in the office is available to students to request a staff member to make a phone call on their behalf on an emergency basis only (e.g., not for making after school plans). Students need teacher permission to be granted prior to emergency office phone use. Students should not be using their cell phone to call or text anyone during the school day.


Prior to the start of the school year, the parent/guardian of each student will be required to acknowledge the following requirements

  • Completing a daily self-assessment;

  • Staying home when feeling unwell;

  • Having a plan to pick-up their child(ren) promptly if they develop symptoms;

  • Seeking a COVID-19 test when exhibiting symptoms or, in the absence of a test, self-isolate for 14 days and be symptom-free for 24 hours prior to returning to school;

  • Complying with the orders provided by Public Health.

  • Students will not be able to come to school until the acknowledgement form is completed. This form will be available in multiple languages.

  • Daily screening should be done BEFORE leaving for school

  • Students should stay home if they are sick


We ask that parents make every effort to schedule appointments for their children outside the school day. Signing students out part way through the day is disruptive to the class and their learning. If you are unable to schedule appointments outside of the school day, we ask that parents come to pick their children up at 11:00, 1:20, or 3:40 to ensure minimal disruption in classrooms. Parents are required to buzz the office from the intercom outside the main door, or call the office, and wait outside the main entrance for the student to be handed off. No parents can enter the building at any time.


If a parent wishes to drop off an item for a student at the school, they must use the buzzer system at the office to let the office staff know there is an item for pick up. The item must be clearly labelled and left outside the front door and the student will be called down to pick up the item from outside. Parents are not able to enter the school to drop off items.


Each September you will receive forms to complete to assist us in up-dating our medical information at the school. These information forms are essential if your child requires medication at school (either on a regular basis or in case of an emergency) or if your child has a serious condition such as asthma, seizures or a life threatening allergy (e.g.,peanuts, bee stings etc.). It is very important that parents keep the school current with medical needs.

The Anaphylaxis Protocol 2006 outlines that all schools must have school-wide plans and individual plans for students and/or staff identified as having anaphylactic reactions to allergens. The intent of the Anaphylaxis Protocol is to create a safe learning and working environment for all persons with severe allergy conditions. If you have any questions about your child’s plan, please contact the vice-principal at the school.

We have a number of students who have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts, tree nuts and peanut/nuts products, fish, and shellfish. Therefore, we request that our families refrain from sending any food with peanut or nut products to school.


It is necessary to notify the School Office of student information changes (e.g., address, phone number, contacts in case of emergency). It is most important to ensure that the school does have a number for at least one emergency contact. It is essential that the school is able to make contact with a parent or designate at all times. Please contact the office if you have new contact information at any point throughout the school year.


In an effort to ensure the safety of our students in the school environment, the Halton District School Board has decided not to allow visitors as per the COVID protocols. Should you require an in-person appointment at the school, please call the school office to set something up.


The teachers will regularly, and in a variety of ways, recognize and reinforce good behaviour, appropriate problem solving, and positive contributions. However, if a student is unable or unwilling to meet the school’s expectations we will support our staff and students by using many of the strategies outlined in our progressive discipline pyramid below. Interventions such as suspension or expulsion will automatically be considered in some cases. A list of activities that could lead to suspension are listed here. As of September 2019, vaping and possessing vaping paraphernalia may also lead to suspension.

09 - JTT Progressive Discipline Pyramid.pdf