May 2020 Newsletter

Principal's Message

Welcome to Week 7 of distance learning...can you believe that it's been 7 weeks?! We miss you greatly and we hope that you have enjoyed our fun ways of connecting with you, through our videos and messages about COVID-19 safety over the last several weeks. In chatting with our staff this week, we know that they are spending a lot of time connecting with their students and working hard around the clock to provide them with the academics they need, as well as the connection and routine for our students. I would like to publicly thank our staff for all they have done to transition to this new way of learning. This too shall pass, and we look forward to that eventuality, but I appreciate their collective hard work during a time when I know they would much rather see their students face-to-face!

As you and your family are staying home these days, you might be looking to change up your food selection, so we have a solution for you! The JTT staff has come together this week to create a "Quarantine Cookbook" for you and your family to try some great recipes. We hope that students are excited to try new favourite recipes of their favourite teachers, and also hope that this a great learning opportunity for our students to learn more about procedural writing and fractions! We will also post the Quarantine Cookbook on our school website for easy reference. You can always access online, or print a page for future reference. With over 90 recipes, there is something for everyone!

Please take some pictures while making (or eating!) the dishes and share them with us over email or on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #HDSBstillconnected and tagging @johnttuckps. Please check out our Quarantine Cookbook below, as well as a few other messages for Week 7, including several other updates.

JTT Quarantine Cookbook

Mr. G. DonaldsonPrincipalJohn T Tuck PS

Yearbook Cover Contest

Thank you to those who entered the cover contest for the John T. Tuck 2019 - 20 yearbook. You all have incredible talent! Your art and ideas were so polished, we had a very hard time selecting our winners. This year, our winning entries are as follows:

1st Place (entry will appear on book cover) - Lila F (8-2)

2nd Place (entry will appear on inside cover) - Helen L (6-2)

Thank you again for taking part in our contest. Remember, all of your work will appear in the yearbook - be sure to have a look for it! All the best and please enter next year! If you have still not yet purchased your yearbook, you can do so here -

Staffing update

We would like to welcome back Mme Lyons to the school this week. Mme Lyons is returning from a parenting leave and we are excited to have her back. Mme Lyons will be taking over the duties from Mlle Parker in Core French, and we thank Mlle Parker for all of her great work with our students this year. Mme Lyons will be reaching out to families of students she teaches shortly to introduce herself and provide her contact information. It is also posted on our school website, with all other staff information.

Personal Belongings

At this time, there is no plan in place to pick up personal belongings, as the advice of Public Health is to not access schools and ensure that families stay home and are not congregating or accessing common areas in our society, such as schools. The board is creating contingency plans to allow the collection of personal belongings when we are able, however, we are unable to give access to the school until after several restrictions are lifted. We will continue to work with Halton Region Public Health on a date for parent / guardian / student access to the school to retrieve personal belongings if a closure through to the end of June is announced and it is deemed safe by Public Health. Once this is available, we will communicate this with families. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we wait for a time to allow the collection of our students' personal items.

Class building parent input

The process of organizing students into classes will still take place through May, June and over the summer. Administration, classroom teachers and Special Education teachers spend many hours forming classes. To assist us in making our decisions, we use many sources of data. Our focus is always the creation of balanced classes that are based upon learning style, gender equity, academic balance, instructional groupings and peer compatibility.

If you feel that our staff is missing some information about your child’s class placement, and you would like to provide input for the upcoming school year for your child's class placement, please click here to fill out a form that will go to Mr. Donaldson. This is not a form that all families would fill out, but only for those who feel there is special consideration requiring feedback. We will not consider any requests for teachers by name, as our teachers often change grades and/or move schools right up until the Labour Day weekend as enrollment shifts within the school. Your information will be considered along with all of the other relevant criteria developed by the school for determining class organization. Please complete the form by May 15th if you would like your input considered.

We will consider all information, however, the final decision rests with the school.

If you are planning to move out of the John T. Tuck Public School area before September 2020, please let the office know as soon as possible by sending an email to Mrs. Lukasik ( and your child's homeroom teacher, so that we can take that into consideration in class-building as well as update our records. Those students who are moving to Ryerson PS or Pineland PS due to the boundary review or enrollment in French Immersion do not need to contact Mrs. Lukasik, as we already have that list of students.

​​Tales in the trails for May

Spring has arrived with the spawning fish many of us saw in the creeks two weeks ago. In the trees, the male blackbirds, grackles, cowbirds, cardinals, robins, and hawks are some of the birds which have made their way back. You may see the grey and red squirrels making nests in the trees, or hear one of the three different kinds of woodpeckers pecking at the trees and poles. It’s a noisy place, if you can stop and listen.

As you walk the​ neighbourhood, you will see many new friends popping up. ​ There are many forest plants we’re spotting on the walk. Keep an eye on the agrimony for its beautiful spike of yellow flowers all summer long, strawberry for the fruit near the end of June, and raspberry which will start to reveal its sweet berries in August. Some have made a mustardy tasting pesto out of the garlic mustard this time of year and a quick sniff of a pulled stem will tell you why. Dandelions are providing a much needed dose of nectar for bees starting up and if you’ve ever wanted to try dandelion salad, these spring leaves are the ones to use. How many of these plants have you seen this week on the trail? All these pictures are from the week of April 27 around JT Tuck PS neighbourhood.​ Happy hunting!

School Closure Update

As a reminder, all publicly-funded schools will remain closed until at least May 31, 2020, as part of an effort to keep students, staff and families safe from COVID-19. As a result, all HDSB schools will remain closed until this time. The decision to extend the closure is based on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

The Minister of Education also shared the following information:

  • The Ministry of Education will move forward to replace the remainder of Professional Activity (PA) days and examination days with instructional time.
  • There are no plans to extend the school year into the summer.
  • The Ministry is exploring expanded summer learning programming focusing on credit recovery, support for vulnerable students and course upgrading. We will share further information as it becomes available.

Mental Health Resources

Concerns about COVID-19 are impacting children and families alike. The following are a few ways to access additional information about supporting your child during these challenging times. In addition to the links below, more resources can be found on the HDSB website to support students and families through this time -

Local and National Crisis Lines/Counselling Resources:

  • ROCK - If a student is in crisis, contact our 24/7 ROCK Crisis Line at 905-878-9785
  • KidsHelpPhone - Information, strategies and access to phone/text/live chat support - KidsHelpPhone

Halton Community Agencies:

  • ADAPT - All in-person services have been suspended. ADAPT will provide remote services and tele-counselling to support clients, colleagues and the community. ADAPT
  • Access and Service Navigation - For information about programs, services, forms, and application process visit Rock Online