March 2020 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

As we finish up February, we recognize the inconsistency and difficulties associated with our students' schedules during labour unrest and we appreciate our community's patience as the situation resolves over time. Despite some of the sanctions happening, morale with our staff and students is high and we are happy to have had two amazing culture building events this past month.

First off, the dance-athon was a great success. Not only did we raise funds for our parent council, our students thoroughly enjoyed the day and widely participated in each of the sessions. They danced, were respectful, and worked hard to earn their pledges. We are proud of them.

We also enjoyed an evening community event with the showing of Frozen II in our gymnasium. These movie nights are a great way to help build community and culture in our school and we are appreciative of the parents who bring their children to the movie to support them and the school at this free event. We hope we will have one more movie night at some point this spring.

As with all of our culture building events, we are always open to feedback. It is wonderful to hear the positive feedback so that we can continue offering activities and events over the years. It is also helpful to hear constructive feedback as well, so please feel free to send me an email.

Please continue reading below for some messages about our school. Have a marvelous March!

Mr. G. DonaldsonPrincipalJohn T Tuck PS

School Council

Please join us at our next school council meeting which will be held on Monday, April 6th at 7pm in the Library Learning Commons. We will review and finalize the Parent Council Constitution, review our dance-athon, and discuss some of the things happening around our great school. All parents are welcome to attend.

Spirit Day

Our next Spirit Day of the year is upon on Friday March 13th. In preparation for March break, we will be having a “Tacky Tourist” day. Dress up as someone who is ready to go on vacation...Be creative! Maybe you will be heading on a beach vacation? Maybe some sightseeing? Maybe a ski trip? You decide! A simple Google search like this one will help you come up with ideas! We look forward to seeing everyone ready for vacation on March 13th!

Family Dodgeball Night

Have you ever wanted to throw a ball at your family, and it's ok!? We have the event for you! On behalf of Parent Council we are pleased to announce that we will be having a Family Dodgeball night on Wednesday, April 1st (no April fool's joke either!). Please save the date and look for sign up information later on in March.

I Read Canadian

"I Read Canadian" is happening in the Learning Commons this month. This is the first annual "I Read Canadian" nation wide event that was started to help promote Canadian authors. Here at Tuck we have developed two interactive boards in the front lobby to help show off students work, encourage the love of reading, and help promote Canadian authors. On the "Sounding Board" Mr. Munshaw's class has featured audio reviews of Eric Walters novels, as described here.

Also new to this front lobby display case is an interactive board that was developed by Mr.Else, Ms.Hill's class and "coded" by Tom L.. Ms.Hill's 3/4 class researched 20 different Canadian authors, scripted and then recorded their work for you to listen to at the touch of a finger! Grade 7 student Tom, was able to code computers to make it an audio and visual experience. Come check out both these displays in the front lobby or on our Twitter and Instagram pages!

Student Arrival

As a reminder, supervision of the school playground begins at 9:00 a.m. Parents should be aware that students arriving before this time cannot be assured of the safety that such supervision provides. Please encourage your children to arrive before 9:10 a.m., when the bell will ring for entry into the school. Students are asked not to play with sports equipment on the blacktop with the increased traffic of students and parents. If you are late, please sign in at the office. Students are deemed late if they do not make it to class before the playing of O’Canada at 9:15 a.m. Otherwise, students are not to use the front door as entry so that our staff easily can monitor the visitors coming in and out of our building.

Updating Student Information

It is necessary to notify the School Office of student information changes (e.g., address, phone number, contacts, etc.) in case of emergency. It is most important to ensure that the school does have a number for at least one emergency contact. It is essential that the school is able to make contact with a parent or designate at all times. Please contact the office if you have new contact information at any point throughout the school year.

Lockdown Drills

Each school in Halton is required to conduct two Lockdown Practice Drills per year, in accordance with Safe Schools procedures. A lockdown is a precautionary measure in response to a threat directly to the school or in the surrounding community. In a lockdown, all school activities are put on hold and all students are to report to the nearest classroom, where classroom doors are closed and locked. Students then move to the safest part of the room, indicated by their teacher, away from any windows or doors. All windows are covered and classroom lights are turned off. It is extremely important for students to remain silent and take the drill seriously. No one is allowed to enter or exit the building. Students remain in their classroom silently until given direction to resume normal activities. As with fire drills, the hope is to acclimate students to a procedure that they will be able to follow quickly, effectively, and safely in case of emergency. If you have any questions with regards to our Lockdown procedures, please contact Mrs. de Ridder at the school.

Grade 8 Quebec Trip

We are still on hold in planning our Grade 8 trip to Quebec City for the end of April. We continue to wait patiently for resolutions and will make a final decision on the trip by the end of March as that is the deadline to book final numbers with the hotel and tourist locations on the itinerary. Thank you again for your patience.