June 2021 Newsletter

Principal's Message

Spring took its time to come, but we have been blessed with amazing weather over the last couple weeks of May. While we hope that you find time to enjoy the outdoors with your children during breaks and after school, we wanted to reemphasize the importance of having them online and in school regularly to ensure they stay caught up with the class and curriculum. As we approach the end of the year, there is a temptation to spend less time online and more time outside, but please note that this is a time where staff are working hard to go through final assessments with students to create a final mark for their report card data, and we all would want students to put forth their best efforts prior to summer break and not have their report card marks negatively impacted by absences. Should your child not be able to attend school for any given day, please continue to use School Messenger to report the absence and let the classroom teacher know for planning purposes. Should your child be struggling with ongoing online learning, please reach out to the classroom teacher to problem solve.

We expect that with an improving pandemic landscape we will see a more "normal" return to school in the fall, however, we are expecting some protocols to remain in place. Please keep an eye on your emails over the summer and as we get closer to September for more information as decisions are made.

For those who are not returning to Tuck next fall, we wish you all the best in your new schools. If you have not done so already, please let the office know your new location if you are moving out of catchment so that we can send along school records.

We wish you all a joyous June! Please see below for this month's updates and messaging

Mr. G. DonaldsonPrincipalJohn T Tuck PS

Parent Council

We would like to thank Danielle Leahy-Laughlin and Warren Pantrey for their leadership as co-chairs of our parent council this year, as well as the rest of the council who committed to attending our bi-monthly meetings. We had a decent sized carry over from last year's shutdown so we were able to support the school in a variety of ways. We hope that a return to a more "normal" experience at some point next year will allow us to fundraise once again to further support staff and students learning at Tuck next year. This year, council focussed on initiatives that give back to our community with the fall Food Drive and the spring clothing drive and fundraiser for ROCK. In addition, they supported school initiatives in whole or in part for the Grade 8 Graduation, the new electronic school sign, Phys Ed equipment, Recess Equipment, Math resources, outdoor basketball nets, and various teacher resources in each classroom through Teacher Support Funds. We are thankful for the continued support of our community and look forward to working with our new council next fall.

Personal Belongings & School Item Returns

We are still awaiting announcements about a potential return to school for students. Please know that we find out the same time as the public with these decisions. While we are hopeful we are back in school at some point in June to return school technology or resources, and pick up any leftover personal belongings, we simply do not know at this point. If students are not able to return to in-person learning, we will communicate shortly the process for returns and pick ups.

Staffing Update

As we plan for next year, we know that some of our staff will be moving onto other opportunities. We would like to wish Mr. Steltman all the best, as he transfers to another school within Halton. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Long Term Occasional teachers who have done an admirable job filling in for maternity, medical and/or other leaves in our school - Ms Wright, Ms Wolf, Ms Ward, Ms Nicholson and Ms Whinton. We will be working over the Spring and Summer to complete our staffing process, and will share that with our community in the new school year.

Grade 8 Graduation

We are still awaiting to hear if we will be back in school for Graduation. Should we be in school, we will have an in-person, student only, graduation on the evening of Thursday June 24th. Should we not be allowed back in the building for classes, we will have a Virtual Graduation on Thursday June 24th, followed by a curbside pick up of diplomas, composites, memory books, and grad photos on Friday June 25th. Please check the messaging from April 20th to Grade 8s for more details, as that information is all there. Grade 8 families should stay tuned to their emails for more information as it becomes available.

Learning Models for 2021-2022 school year

All Ontario school boards will provide the option for students to learn in-person or remotely in the 2021-2022 school year. While we encourage all students to plan to attend school in-person in the fall, we are writing to provide information for students who would like to register for the Remote Learning Model for September 2021.

All HDSB students have been registered at their home school (in-person) for September 2021, including students currently in remote (virtual) schools. If your child will be attending school in person, there is no further action required. If your child requires the Remote Learning Model for September 2021, complete the Remote Learning Registration Form by Tuesday, June 1 at 11:59 p.m.

For information about the HDSB Learning Models for the 2021-2022 school year, and to access the Remote Learning Registration Forms, visit the Return to School - September webpage on the HDSB website.

Plan of Care

All students with a prevalent medical condition (i.e., anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy) are required to have their Plan of Care document reviewed annually. Given the current conditions, some students may be impacted more significantly and require changes to their plan of care. In the context of COVID-19 and your child’s medical condition, you are asked to consider contacting your Health Care Practitioner to discuss any additional risks your child may be facing. Should there be recommendations provided by your Health Care Practitioner, these may be incorporated into a revised Plan of Care for your Child when this document is finalized when we return to school. Thank you for completing Appendix C (Form 3) ANNUAL REVIEW OF MEDICAL INFORMATION - NO CHANGES form if your child currently has a Plan of Care. Please contact our vice-principal, Mrs de Ridder (deriddera@hdsb.ca) if you have any questions.

Summer Learning Programs

The HDSB Summer Learning Packages have been updated and are ready for you to share virtually with you! The Summer Learning Packages have been created as Google Docs so families can easily translate them as needed. The intent of these materials is to reinforce the importance of home connections and further engage families in supporting their child's learning at home. The suggestions provided will help support student reading achievement, additional language and math skills, motivation, and engagement throughout the summer.

The HSB Summer Learning Packages 2021 (one for students leaving Kindergarten, one for students leaving Grade 1, and one for students leaving Grade 2), include:

  • an introductory letter for families

  • July and August calendars of fun activities to do with children

  • additional activities and games

  • suggestions for “Before, During and After Reading”

  • reference pages including word lists, alphabet linking charts, game directions

Grades 6-8 Summer School

This summer HDSB is offering summer school to those currently in grade 6, 7 and 8. If your child has struggled getting a level 3 in math and/or literacy this year, you may wish to sign them up for a summer refresher course. If you are interested please review the information at: https://garyallan.ca/elementary-students/elementary-summer-school/

For grade 8's that have consistently received a level 3 or above, you may wish to sign your child up for the "Reach Ahead" credit course. Here students can achieve a high school credit online by successfully completing one of 2 summer school courses. Participation in these courses will help students transition into a high school environment, and may result in a spare in their senior year of high school. Registration closes on Friday June 4, so please register before that! Any questions, please feel free to contact Amanda Simmelink at simmelinka@hdsb.ca

HRPS Bike Registry

The Halton Regional Police Service is pleased to announce that they have partnered with 529 Garage, a Community Watch Program for your bike. The launch of this partnership is aimed at reducing bike theft in the region. The app allows the HRPS to identify located bikes that have been registered via the app and mark them as ‘found’. Bikes marked as ‘found’ will appear in the app and on the Project 529 website, allowing the community to view any recovered bike. If a bike is identified on the found list, the rightful owner can contact the HRPS to come in and provide the necessary details to claim it. Essentially, the app will connect recovered bikes with their rightful owners, and reduce the number of bikes being sent for auction.  We hope that you will register your bikes! More information about the project can be found on here: haltonpolice.ca/en/staying-safe/bike-registry.aspx

Mental Health Resources

Concerns about COVID-19 are impacting children and families alike. As we continue on during this pandemic, concerns can amplify and become more difficult for children and adults to manage.

The following are a few ways to access additional information about supporting your child during these challenging times. In addition to the links below, more resources can be found on the HDSB website to support students and families through this time - https://hdsb.ca/students/Pages/Health%20and%20Well-Being/COVID-19/Mental-Health-Resources.aspx

Local and National Crisis Lines/Counselling Resources:

  • Halton Public Health supports are available across Halton that you and your loved ones may find helpful during this time.

  • ROCK - If a student is in crisis, contact our 24/7 ROCK Crisis Line at 905-878-9785

  • Access and Service Navigation - For information about programs, services, forms, and application process visit Rock Online

  • KidsHelpPhone - Information, strategies and access to phone/text/live chat support - KidsHelpPhone

  • ADAPT - All in-person services have been suspended. ADAPT will provide remote services and tele-counselling to support clients, colleagues and the community. ADAPT