April 2020 Newsletter

Principal's Message

With the closure of schools until April 6th, I thought that we should send home the April Newsletter as more of a Mid-March Newsletter. I am sure that our students have a variety of feelings, some who are very nervous, perhaps excited and definitely confused. Whenever there is change in routine for kids, there are going to be some strong feelings and we know that as parents and teachers, a calm and supportive stance is always helpful around children.

As the announcement from the Ontario government is new, we are not sure what it will look like after the March Break. Please make sure you are getting your information from sources like the HDSB Coronavirus website or the HDSB home page. All announcements will be posted there, including links to recommendations from Public Health. All communication about COVID-19 and the school closures will come from the board office, and not the school, so please watch your inbox for updates.

We hope that you take this opportunity to connect as a family and you spend some time relaxing and our students come back to school in April recharged and ready to finish the year strong! Please read below for a few more announcements about the happenings at our school.

Mr. G. DonaldsonPrincipalJohn T Tuck PS

Parent Council Meeting - April

The plan is to still have our council meeting on April 6th at this point. Should things change and schools are not open, we will reschedule. So, please join us at our next school council meeting which will be held on Monday April 6th at 7pm in the Learning Commons. We will review and finalize the Parent Council Constitution, review our dance-athon, give a labour and COVID-19 update and discuss some of the things happening around our great school. All parents are welcome to attend.

Grade 8 Quebec Trip

At this time, given the uncertainty in the labour situation, and the board's decision to limit travel in April, we have decided to release the rooms and reservations for our Quebec Trip that was planned for April 28-May 1. We are pleased to announce that we have been working with the tour company and we are finalizing an itinerary that will see our Grade 8's travel to Quebec City on June 1-4 instead. Although there is surge pricing for travelling in June, we have requested an itinerary that keeps the cost at $700 for the students (which may mean a change in hotels) and will communicate with families when we are sure that we can go. We will only be able to attend the trip if the labour situation is resolved in time and there are no travel restrictions. In the meantime, please keep the payments aside for a time when we are ready to collect. If the change in dates either prevents your child from going, or includes your child who could not have gone in April, please reach out after we announce that we are ready to collect the rest of the funds. Should we not be able to attend, we will be refunding families the first payment that was already collected.

Family Dodgeball Night

Given the school closures, we will be postponing the Family Dodgeball night. Once we are cleared to have large gatherings and schools are open, we will look for a new date and communicate that to families. We look forward to getting back to normal and fun family evenings such as this. We thank our Parent Council for their work in organizing these events. This also includes Family DrumFit, which we hope to schedule later in the year.

Flexible Seating and Stationary Bikes

Thank you again to our Parent Council and community for putting on a great Dance-athon. We have spent the funds raised and items have started to come into the classrooms. Grades 1, 2, 3, and 5 classrooms are now outfitted with Stationary Bikes. Check out this article from another school a few years ago about the benefit to having stationary bikes in the classroom. We will be implementing the success criteria and use in the new classrooms after the break. In addition, Dance-athon funds also allowed us to order Wobbly Stools, and our Grade 7's are currently benefiting from the new order, while many other classrooms already had these flexible seating options. In addition, we have several more whiteboard tables on their way, as well as some new standing tables that have a whiteboard top. Lastly, the dance-athon funds allowed us to purchase some bean bags for the carpet areas when kids want to spread out and work! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your support!

Grade 8 Graduation

The grade 8 grad will be happening on the evening of Wednesday, June 24th. We will begin with a ceremony at 7:00 pm in the large gym of John T Tuck followed by a dance for the students at Tuck. We thank our Parent Council for covering some of the cost for this event. In planning for this event, please keep in mind that this event is designed to celebrate your child's elementary school years. It is not a formal occasion requiring fancy attire such as tuxedos, elaborate dresses, and limousines. A pair of dress pants, a collared shirt and dress shoes would suffice (a tie is optional). For those who choose to wear a dress, something simple is perfect. When choosing a dress (and shoes), please remember that students must be able to confidently walk across the stage, up and down the stairs, stand and sit with ease, and be comfortable at the dance. More details will follow in June and the grad committee will be meeting in April to formalize all plans.

EQAO Dates

Our Grade 3 & 6 students are slated to be participating in the Provincial EQAO Assessments this spring. These assessments are a snapshot of your child’s learning in the primary and junior divisions. Please ensure that you do not book vacation or appointments during this time to ensure that your child can complete the assessment with the other children in the classroom. If you have any questions about the assessment, please contact your child's teacher or the administration at the school.

  • Grade 3 Dates – May 26,27,28,29
  • Grade 6 Dates – June 1, 2, 3, 4

Light It Up Blue for Autism

April is World Autism Awareness Month. On Thursday, April 2nd, we encourage you and your family to wear blue while at home in support of understanding and acceptance of people with autism. Please celebrate World Autism Awareness Day with others across the globe, and “Light It Up Blue”.

For more information, and talking points with your children about why they should wear blue that day, please visit: