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JTT Class Lists: Fall 2018

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JTT and PJ Present International Mindfulness Speaker, Peter Marks on October 26, 2016

posted Oct 12, 2016, 8:09 AM by Suzanne Priestner

FREE Seminar for Parents and Educators

Wed., October 26 7–8:30 pm
John T. Tuck 

Learning Commons 

3365 Spruce Ave

Please join us for an incredible seminar hosted by the School Councils of John Tuck and Pauline Johnson. This not to be missed seminar will be given by Peter Marks who is an International Mindfulness Educator. Peter has developed a 5 step model that is evidence based and constitutes a best practice approach to helping children and adults manage stress through proven mindfulness techniques resulting in dramatic improvements in overall health and happiness. 

Refreshments will be served. RSVP: or

Join Us On Our JTT Character Journey 2016- 2017

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September 23, 2016

Dear Tuck Families,

We would like to include you as our partners on our Character Journey here at JTT. As you know, we have identified 9 Character Assets or Superpowers that we will help our children develop and practice throughout their time at Tuck: Empathy, Perseverance, Responsibility, Creativity, Collaboration, Curiosity, Initiative, Optimism, and Integrity. These have been chosen and consolidated from a variety of research‐based sources and we want you to understand and participate in our journey.

Our plan has arisen from focused learning and multiple discussions around what our students need to be successful in the 21st Century.

The consensus is we are preparing our children for a very different world than was our experience growing up. Our challenge has been to decide what our children need and how to make it happen for all of our children. This has been a very thoughtful and reflective process that has been evolving over the past few months.

We would like to include you in the process by introducing you to some of the resources that have provided the focus for our discussions at Tuck. Our starting point was the film The Adaptable Mind. It is a provocative film that challenges us all to think deeply about what our children need as they move forward into the world.

Please view the film as a first step in understanding our JTT Character Journey.

The Adaptable Mind explores the skills we need to flourish in the 21st Century. The film begins with a question to the world through social media: what’s a great example of a 21st century mind in action?

We will be sending out additional resources over time. We are very energized and excited about our plans and hope that you will join with us to make the experience even more powerful for all of our children.

Many thanks and enjoy, 

Suzanne Priestner 


JTT Character Day 2016 and a Walk with Terry on Friday, September 23, 2016

posted Sep 20, 2016, 6:19 PM by Suzanne Priestner

Dear Tuck Families,

We are proud to announce our very first JTT Character Day and a Walk with Terry on Friday, September 23, 2016.

At JTT, we are embarking on a very exciting journey ... it's all about CHARACTER!
It boils down to two fundamental questions: 
Who are you?, and 
Who do you want to be in the World?

It is our belief that character can be learned, cultivated, and practiced.
Essentially, you have the power to decide who you want to be in the World.
Our mission is to empower each student to develop the skills required to be successful in the 21st Century.

As a staff, we have identified 9 Character Assets or skills that we believe are essential for each of our students to be successful as they move forward into the World: 
Empathy, Perseverance, Responsibility, Creativity, Collaboration, Curiosity, Initiative, Optimism, and Integrity.

In each classroom, we have been focusing on our first Character Asset, Empathy.

On September 23, 2016, we invite all of our students to participate in Character Day 2016. 
Each class in the school will be celebrating character in various ways throughout the day and it will culminate in a schoolwide walk with Terry. What better way to celebrate the possibility of character than to celebrate one of our greatest Canadian heroes? Terry Fox truly embodies each one of our 9 Character Assets.

We are inviting each of our students and staff to dress in “JTT Red and Gold” or dress as their favourite “Superhero” to celebrate Character Day 2016.

Stay tuned for exciting details …

Mrs Hill's FDK Class Win "Telling Tales" Contest and an Author Visit from Barbara Reid

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Congratulations to Mrs. Hill's FDK class who won an author visit from the 2016 Telling Tales contest.  Their submission received a second place award, competing against other entries from across Canada!

You can view their award winning video here:

Terry Fox Fundraising

posted Sep 16, 2016, 8:56 AM by Paul Thomson

We will be conducting our Terry Fox Run on Friday September 23rd starting at 2:05.  

Please consider making a pledge for this cause using the easy to access website found at 

Class Lists

posted Sep 2, 2016, 10:23 AM by Paul Thomson

Please find the class lists for the 2016-17 year below.  

Class Lists and Opening Day Procedures 2016

posted Sep 1, 2016, 4:22 PM by Suzanne Priestner

September 2, 2016

Dear Tuck Families,

Today is the day!

There is always great anticipation and excitement around finding out about your new class and who your teacher will be.

Please see below how to find out this exciting information …


The Class List Process:

At 4 pm on Friday, September 2, all class lists for 2016-2017 will be posted on the front doors of the school and on our website. 

Go to  

Class lists will appear on the main page and will be organized by Grade.


What You Need:

For privacy reasons, no student names appear on the class lists. 

All students are identified by number only. 

You will need your child's Ontario Education Number (OEN) or Halton Student Number to locate your child on a class list.

 You will find your child's OEN number recorded on the top of any Ontario Ministry of Education Report Card. 

New to Ontario and/or HDSB

For any families just arriving in Ontario or entering the Public School System for the first time, you will not yet have access to the number. 

Please contact our office at (905) 637-3881 or stop by in person between 9 am and 4 pm Friday, September 2, 2016.


Class lists will be posted by Grade

Simply go to the Grade that your child is entering and locate his/her OEN or Student Number on the list.

Information regarding the teacher and classroom location will be at the top of each class list.


Finding Out Class Placements on Opening Day:

If you were unable to access class lists, there will be a parent information table on the blacktop. 

We will have staff there to assist you in locating your child's class placement information. 

Our thanks to Tracy King and Kathy Melville for organizing our classroom signs. If for any reason, your child is not included on a class list, you will be directed to the office where we will be happy to assist you.


Opening Day Procedures:

  • ü  All teachers will be on the Blacktop to welcome students beginning at 9:00 am.   
  • ü  They will be wearing nametags and holding signs indicating their name and class code. 
  • ü  There will also be signs posted along the exterior walls of the blacktop to indicate where students need to line up. 
  • ü  This will be their line-up location at entry times for the remainder of the year. 
  • ü  The teachers will lead the students into the school once everyone is organized. 
  • ü  Parents are welcome to join us on the blacktop to bid farewell and good luck to the students. 
  • ü  We would ask that parents stand away from the class lines so that students get used to lining up in an independent and organized way.


Kindergarten Students:

  • ü  Families of Kindergarten students have already been notified via email regarding classroom placements and opening day procedures. 
  • ü  Kindergarten students will line-up outside their Kindergarten entry doors. 
  • ü  There will be signs posted for each class and the teaching teams will be there to welcome our youngsters.
  • KF-1: Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Medeiros (Rm 108)
  • KF-2: Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Benendik (Rm 107)
  • KF-3: Mrs. Zawacki and Ms. Weeks (Rm 106)
  • KF-4: Ms. Ewaschuk and E.C.E. (TBD) (Rm 105)
  • KF-5: Ms. Curry and Ms. Relf (Rm 218)


We are looking forward to a safe and happy start-up on Wednesday, September 7, 2016. 

Enjoy your holiday weekend and we will see you all bright and early on Wednesday morning.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Suzanne Priestner                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Principal

JTT Community Update: August 31, 2016

posted Aug 31, 2016, 1:41 PM by Suzanne Priestner

August 31, 2016

Dear Tuck Families,

As September approaches, I would like to extend a warm Tuck welcome to all of our new and returning Tuck families.  I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer with family and friends.  The school year 2016-2017 promises to be another exciting year of growth and learning for all.

As always, a number of changes have occurred over the summer.

New Staff: We have a number of wonderful new additions to our Tuck Team.  On behalf of the Tuck community, I would like to extend a warm welcome to:

FDK                                      Ms. Alycia Curry

Gr. 4 (LTO Sept-June)          Mr. Jared Matthews

Gr. 4-6 Core French             M Nicholas Prashad

Gr. 7/8 Core French             Mme Karen Strong

Planning Time Teacher        Mrs. Alyson MacDonald-Bourne

Educational Assistant          Mrs. Tracy Bradley

General Secretary               Mrs. Alanna Howard

We are awaiting news on placement of two Early Educational Assistants and will update you as soon as we have details to share.

Enrolment/Organization:  We have continued to grow this year and our register is currently sitting at 767 students.  We have added a fifth FDK class and a ninth portable to accommodate our growth.  We are hopeful that our enrolment settles so we avoid the need to reorganize classrooms at the end of September. 

Class Lists:  Class lists will be available on Friday, September 2, 2016 at 4 pm.  Class lists will be posted on the front doors of the school and on our school website:  You will require your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) in order to access the lists. The OEN is located on any Ontario Ministry of Education Report Card for your child.  If you are unable to access your child’s class list for some reason, we will have an information table on the blacktop for parents on the morning of September 7 beginning @ 8:30 am. 

Facilities Update:  Over the summer, air conditioning was to be installed in all second floor classrooms, the library, and the large gym.  Unfortunately, the project has been significantly delayed.  The project will be ongoing into the December holidays, impacting various parts of the building at different times.  All timelines are tentative and we will keep you updated as best we can.  All asbestos abatement will be completed and the building cleared for occupancy by Arcadis prior to students returning to school.  Abatement is only required in the Special Education Office, and the junior/intermediate upper hallway (6 classrooms) as the upper primary hallway was completed as part of the FDK renovation.  All classrooms will be accessible during the instructional day and work will continue in the evenings.  Part of the Library/Learning Common and Special Education Office will be unavailable during part of September (timeline/details TBD) and part of the large gym and adjoining hallway will be impacted during December (timeline/details TBD). 

Additional Portable:  Portable 9 has been installed and the adjoining blacktop has been completed.

New JTT Website:  As part of the HDSB migration from First Class intranet to Google, we have been required to create a new website. It will be launched tomorrow (August 31st).  You can still find us at  Check out our new Twitter feed.  The twitter feed will be populated by our JTT student leaders.  Stay tuned for lots of exciting changes!

JTT Learning Common:  Speaking of exciting changes, we are in the throes of launching a brand new learning space here at Tuck.  Our Library has begun its transformation to the JTT Learning Common.  This space is dedicated to the development of 21st Century Learning Skills with a focus on innovation, purposeful inquiry, experiential learning, and growth mindset.  Our goal is to inspire and empower students to embrace and develop their entrepreneurial spirit.  Stay tuned … the adventure is just beginning!

Please stay tuned for updates as I receive additional information, particularly regarding new staff.  I look forward to working with all of you throughout the upcoming year.  Please feel free to contact me @ (905) 637-3881 with any questions or concerns.

Enjoy the sunshine,

 Suzanne Priestner                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Principal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  John T. Tuck

JTT Choir Sings at Jays Game

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On the John T. Tuck choir performed the American and Canadian Anthems at the Toronto Blue Jays game.  

The elementary choir consisted of 86 students between Grades 2-6.  In early January, the students met weekly to rehearse and prepare the anthems for recording, and worked on meeting the requirements of pitch, time, and spacing set by the Blue Jays management.  

In early February, the choir recorded both Anthems and sent in the audition tape to the Blue Jays office.  This taping required the students to meet after school when there were fewer interruptions and interfering sounds. This process was actually conducted more than once to get a recording that was suitable to submit.  It was very stressful but the reward of being accepted to sing at the Blue Jays game was a major accomplishment for everyone.

Our performance last week was supported by over 400 John T. Tuck family members and 33, 000 Blue Jays fans!  Our Tuck families traveled either with the school's arranged transportation or by themselves to the game. The cheers of support from our reserved section when we entered the field lit up the faces of all the children!

The security and support by the Blue Jays staff was outstanding and our large group was safely transported to the dressing room, field and reserved seats that night.   

This experience is certainly one that each John T. Tuck Choir member will never forget.  We are so thankful to have been part of creating this memory for the students and their families.

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